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About PDI

Become a Product Development Engineer or Entrepreneur!

The Technical Faculty Building in Odense

The Technical Faculty Building in Odense

What is PDI?

The MSc. Eng. in Product Development and Innovation (PDI) is challenging students within engineering, business and entrepreneurial understanding. The 5 year educational program is taught in English in an international atmosphere. The faculty includes staff from more than 10 different countries and the enrolled students origins from more than 20 countries around the world. PDI graduates are typically employed in start-up companies or in international companies like Vestas Wind Systems A/S, LEGO A/S, Danfoss A/S or Siemens.

The PDI education is offered by The Faculty of Engineering, University of Southern Denmark (TEK). At TEK project work is a cornerstone in the teaching philosophy and a majority of the projects are conducted in cooperation with external partners (private companies etc.). Because TEK is located on the same address as University of Southern Denmarks other 4 Faculties, you have a unique opportunity to develop a diverse network during your studies at TEK.


During the program, students are able to design and create their own products in small groups of students while also learning about innovation, the design process, project management, and a broad variety of engineering subjects. Students will spend about 70% of their time in classes and studying course material while the other 30% of their time will be spent on project work. The program for the bachelor level is spread out over 6 semesters and the masters program is spread out over 4 semesters. You can find a specific class chart here.

Job opportunities

Students at TEK have the opportunity to work in one of the worlds largest robotic clusters where all kinds of robots (industrial, entertainment and drones) are developed. You also have the opportunity to work as student assistant in some of the local robotics companies like Universal Robots, MIR robots, Scape Technologies, CorePath Robotics, EffimatBlue Ocean Robotics, Kompan etc. like a number of PDI students already do.

Another opportunity to practice your PDI skills is in entrepreneurship. Join other entrepreneurial PDI students from start-up companies like Sensohive, BikeMatch, Demovare and many more to come at the vibrant entrepreneurial community in nearby SDU Cortex Lab.

PDI adds significant value to life after university with the bachelors program achieving a level 6 out of 8 on the Danish Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning while the masters program achieved a level 7 out of 8. The Danish Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning defines the expected benefit from the program.


As a Scandinavian country, Denmark is a well organized country with good infrastructure. Odense is only a 1,5 hours train ride from Copenhagen (with it’s international airport). In Denmark you are always close to the sea. We have 7.000 km of coastline. Sailing, fishing and a lot of other leisure activities are using the Danish nature. Odense is also the birth town of fairytale writer H.C Andersen, celebrated every year at the HCAFestival. Odense is host for a number of music festivals, e.g. TinderBox, Karrusel, Heartland and others.

The University of Southern Denmarks  is very open towards international students, where the student organisation ESN takes care of the international interests for students and hosts a lot of activities throughout the semester. Look here for more information about being an international student in Odense. Also check out the group International Community Odense.


Since there’s a lot of international students in Odense, it’s easy to find accomodation here. All dormitories in Odense are hosting international students. The university has a dormitory on campus where several international students live: Campus House. You must apply for housing and make sure you do it early.

Living costs

International students can get support from the State of Denmark while studying, which is at around 6000 DKK, by having a student job besides the study. The expenses for accommodation in Odense is generally lower than for example in Copenhagen and Aarhus. In general living costs differs from student to student. But by choosing Odense as your destination will make your hard earned funds last longer.

Application Process

You can apply for PDI at under the “Higher Education in English” tab.

Bachelors Application Requirements:

  • Completed a secondary education (STX, HF, HHX, HTX, or EUX) or a similar international high school education
  • English at a B level
  • Passed a mathematics course
  • Passed one of the following combinations of courses:
    • Physics B and Chemistry C
    • Physics B and Biotechnology A
    • Earth Science A and Chemistry C
  • There is no minimum grade level for PDI, however you should strive for at least a 6. Here is a conversion chart for international grade scales.

Masters Application Requirements:

  • English at a B level
  • Completed a bachelors degree in a relevant field
    • The following bachelors programs provide admission:
      • Product Development and Innovation
      • Innovation and Business
    • The following bachelors programs provide access:
      • Integrated Design
      • Mechanical Engineering
      • Interaction Design
      • Global Management and Manufacturing
      • Production Engineering

For more information visit the general information page here:

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