Company Collaboration and Why it is so Important

Published On November 21, 2017 | By Mathias Strunge Johnsen | News, Stories

Company Collaboration and Why it is so Important

All PDI students will from their third semester have the opportunity to do their semester project in collaboration with a real company. A project can either be defined by the company or by the students with supervision from the company. Working with a company can give a lot of benefits.

We asked third semester students to talk about their experience working with a company, instead of a made up task. One of the students is Morten Hastrup Jensen, who is collaborating with the company Reelight, and he explains:

“Normally when I worked with a project, in gymnasium or here at university it’s been a fiction or an assumed problem. Where the feedback under the project and in the end, also ends up being based on assumptions, gut feelings or unrealistic future. Where as working with a company, gives you their perspective of a problem, which gives it realism and a drive to make a product they and we/I can be satisfied with.”

This is very general for the collaborations. When the fiction turns into a real project, the students learn how the world is after the last exam. Something that is very important, when showing your newly developed skills.
And the learning starts even before the contact. The groups will have to contact and find a company be themselves. By doing it this way, they will learn how to do efficient and professional company contact, and how to sell themselves to the company. The students will receive feedback and good techniques, to help them do the contacting.

We asked another student about the benefits. This time, Alexander M. Christensen, who is working with the company Viega A/S. He explains:

You feel like what you are doing makes an actual difference, and even though we might not finish our development, what we do will be further worked on by the company to move into a new market.”

Again, a valid point about the learning outcomes. Because the solution we find to our given problem, can help the company in many different ways. So, they can use the solutions in different situations, while giving the important feedback of how the students did, and what to focus on to become the best at product development.

Written by: Mathias Strunge Johnsen


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