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Nano Bug – Trefoil Prototype

Fachhochschule Kufstein Tirol – University of Applied Science

The University in Kufstein is the Fachhochschule Kufstein Tirol – University of Applied Science. The university has around 2000 students, which creates a similar feeling as at TEK SDU. There is a chance of getting to know all your classmates, since you normally are less than 50 students in a classroom. The courses are structured differently than at home. Here I have 11 courses filling 28 ECTS, since a lot of the courses I chose is between 2-3 ECTS. This means I have a lot of different course. Some of them are only for a few weeks and then I have an exam to finalise the course. The courses are chosen from an International program. Which is provided for the exchange students. It is also possible to join some of the regular courses taught in English.

Even in a group of 80 exchange student, we are only 2 engineering students. This creates a very interesting environment since we all come from very different backgrounds, and can supply each other with different perspectives in the various group works which is done in almost all the courses.

The grading system is different than in Denmark. My grades have been in percentages which then corresponds to a grade from 1-5 (one is the best and five is failed). The level is different depending on the courses. Some courses are only 1.5 ECTS, which normally only requires handing in a small assignment and a short written exam. Where in my 3 ECTS courses there is a written exam or in some cases a graded presentation.

I have courses which gives me a broad range within the PDI studies spectrum. I do 3D drawing and prototyping courses, strategic management, teamwork and communication and a case study for a local company among other things.

In my prototyping course, we had to do a Nano bug where the design was completely up to ourselves. We had to attached the electrical components and try to make it move.

The courses are interesting and the professors are passionate about their fields, which creates a good environment for learning. Stay tuned for the next post, which will be the last one.

Written by Sofie Mischorr

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