PDI Students with an Innovative Pitch Session

Published On November 15, 2017 | By Mathias Strunge Johnsen | News, Stories

PDI Students with an Innovative Pitch Session

PDI students are always working on semester projects. Half way through, there will be a brief presentation to show both the other students, and their supervisors, what they are working on. But this year, the 3rd semester PDI students took this presentation, and changed it in a way that only a real PDI class would do. Instead of just having a normal PowerPoint presentation with short feedback, they also had a poster pitching session.

Here, they pitched their ideas for each other. Practiced how they might end up doing, when pitching a new idea for a company. They had the opportunity to walk around and chat with the different groups, while asking questions and giving ideas and feedback. Since most of the project are done in collaborations with a company, the students also learned important techniques to present their ideas for their companies – just as they have to when they graduate. The presentation also gave the supervisors a better opportunity to give personal feedback to the groups, and having a brief discussion.

The Visual Presentation

Poster from one of the groups

The most important thing with a poster presentation, is the poster. Every group had to design a poster, with all the relevant information needed to show their products. The groups had different approaches for how to design the posters, which resulted in a great variety of designs. This is another way to develop new skills. Having a good visual presentation, will make it much easier to show your idea, and why it is the best.

The idea of having a poster presentation, is to combine the feedback session with a real-life experience of demonstrating a solution. Those who collaborate with a company. These presentations prepares them for what they are going to do in just a couple months. Which is where they are going to show their solutions for their company. Having a poster session with a product pitch is a good learning experience. We recommended for anyone who are doing midterm presentations or similar. Furthermore, this is a good way to show off your project, and find out who are doing the best solution.

Written by: Mathias Strunge Johnsen

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